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We offer comprehensive business intelligence on topics of strategic interest to the energy industry:

Over the Edge: The Outlook for Embedded Microgrids to 2027

Victoria's the Place to Be: Residential Energy Management Market Update

Game Changer: Australia's Residential Energy Storage Market to 2021

Pushing Limits: Rooftop Solar PV Market Update

The Residential Energy Efficiency Market to 2020

Personal Power Stations:
Australia's Residential micro-CHP Market to 2021

Residential Renewables:
Take-off or Tumble?

Electric Vehicles:
Driving the Revolution

Network Losses: Implications for Network Planning

Smart Energy Market: Australian Outlook to 2020


Company News

Energeia issue major new report on the key solar PV and energy storage developments that are expected to lead to a $1.2 billion market for embedded microgrids by 2027.

Energeia's expanded update to their annual report on residential energy management estimates the market will reach 1,200 MW of load under management by 2022

Major new study by Energeia details the key developments expected to lead to a $1.7 billion market for residential energy storage over the next ten years

Energeia's update to their landmark report on the Australian residential solar PV market to 2021 sees the current free fall in market demand stabilising by 2013

Energeia publishes comprehensive report on Australia's residential energy efficiency markets to 2020

Energeia releases major study on the residential market for combined heat and power (CHP) systems in Australia to 2021

Energeia expert presents on optimsing smart metering deployments at Sydney Conference

Energeia releases major study on the residential market for solar PV, hot water and micro-turbine systems in Australia to 2021

Energeia releases major study on the electric vehicle market in Australia to 2030

Energeia expert presents on smart energy retailing at Melbourne Conference

Energeia work on network losses voted best presentation at National ESAA Conference

Energeia recruiting talented researchers, analysts and advisors for our Sydney office



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